About Us

Geo Guard, a fully owned subsidiary of DTW International (Pvt) Ltd, is dedicated to marketing environmentally sustainable solutions through its flagship products BitteR rat repellent and Natular Dt Natural Larvacide.

DTW International (Pvt) Ltd boasts over two decades of expertise in providing supply solutions across various industries. Founded by Mr. Irwin Weerasinghe, whose extensive experience spans both government and private sectors, the company has flourished since its inception.

Initially focused on servicing two multinational entities of Indian origin, DTW has evolved into a key player in numerous sectors. Through strategic partnerships with globally renowned manufacturers, DTW offers a comprehensive range of supply solutions, backed by years of established networks and industry expertise.

Building enduring relationships with a diverse clientele, DTW has earned a reputation for reliability and excellence. Our team comprises talented individuals driven by a passion for innovation and customer satisfaction, consistently delivering inspired solutions to our valued clients and strategic partners.